Family Day at Railroad Square 11/26 and Lake Ella Market 11/27

Join The Holistic Cannabis Community Agriculture Cooperative at Family Day at Railroad Square Art District Friday, November 26th from 1pm to 5pm.

Free Plants and Peppers at Family Day!!

Beautiful Selection of Poblano, Bell and Banana Peppers $1 each, Tabasco Peppers $3

4 Aloe Vera Plant Sizes to choose from $6, $10, $15, and $20

New Green Organiks CBD Whole Flower 3.5 grams $10

Find us at the Lake Ella Grower’s Market Saturday, November 27th 11am to 2pm

Published by The Holistic Cannabis Community

The Holistic Cannabis Community, Inc. mission is to educate communities about the benefits of hemp for agriculture, the economy, the environment, and for programs that support housing, land, water, and soil.

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