The Holistic Cannabis Community

The Holistic Cannabis Community is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that provides advocacy support and education services to the Florida Hemp Industry and to Consumers. The organization promotes emerging applications in Cultivation, Processing, Extraction, Manufacturing, and Distribution. The future is in biodegradable manufacturing and begins with hemp farming. The Holistic Cannabis Community practices and teaches regenerative and organic farming to improve and sustain the land, water, and soil.

The Florida Hemp Industry is a billion-dollar industry. Creating over 9,000 jobs and contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to federal, state, and local tax revenues. Currently in Florida there are over 600 licensed hemp cultivators, over 10,000 permitted hemp food establishments (retailers), 255 processors, 238 wholesalers, and 13 extractors.

The Holistic Cannabis Community, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider.

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