Agriculture to Reinvest, Restore and Sustain Communities

The project supports the rural and urban workforce through job creation, land use, and community and economic development projects in rural and urban communities. Our team is actively redeveloping lands and buildings in the Southeast region.

Small and emerging hemp businesses in rural communities require consolidation, collaboration and modernization. In addition, the soil in rural and urban areas may require bioremediation (detoxification) due to decades of herbicide and pesticide use and contaminant buildups. 

Hemp provides dual roles to improve communities economic and environmental health. Sustainable hemp farming will improve the quality of life for all residents.

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Technical Assistance

The Holistic Cannabis Community and farming partners are successful in the e-commerce market. Consumers are educated and engaged on the platforms. The coronavirus public health disaster increased the importance of online sales platforms for agriculture products.

Our members and partners are encouraged and provided technical assistance to register as “Fresh From Florida” and to participate in the FDACS/USDA Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

Specialty Crop Production is in demand for our partners. Fresh local produce and plants grown in a manner that leaves the least environmental impact is our goal. We prioritize health and well-being by utilizing growing techniques and methods that are natural, and free of pesticides and insecticides.

We support innovative sustainable growing methods and techniques.

Sustainable Farming

The hemp plant has the ability (more than any other agricultural crop or tree) to absorb carbon dioxide [greenhouse gas emmissions]. Outdoor grown hemp has the ability to absorb 24.250 tons of carbon dioxide per 2.471 acres (one hectare).

Planting hemp outdoors improves air quality as the cannabis plant is a natural air purifier. The hemp plant provides soil management remediation as the plant absorbs contaminants from the land, water and soil. Plants used for phytoremediation must not be harvested for human consumption and rather used as mulch or utilized in biomanufacturing applications.

The use of the hemp plant for pollution control and abatement is an emerging application in the United States. The Holistic Cannabis Community is at the forefront of the burgeoning hemp industry and consult with local, state, and federal agencies to encourage research and development to improve conditions in the land, water and soil for generations to come.

Specialty Crop Production  

850 Industrial Hemp Summit April 2021 in Tallahassee hosted by the Apalachee Regional Planning Council

Would you like to learn and work in the hemp industry? We can prepare you with the knowledge you need to be successful. questions about the hemp plant and the properties of the hemp plant that improve health and well-being in humans and pets.

The Holistic Cannabis Community will educate you on the various varieties of the hemp plant. Education consists of the best routes of administration for human consumption, and best varieties for bioapplications and textile manufacturing. Are you interested in learning about hemp cultivation and the regenerative and natural properties that promote environmental sustainability?

With our vast network of hemp farmers and cultivators both outdoor and indoor you will have an opportunity to learn from industry experts how to grow and maintain healthy crops.

The Holistic Cannabis Community Directors Travis and Melissa with Charas Farms.
Travis had the opportunity as featured farmer panelists to discuss sustainable farming practices.
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