Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor to support Hemp Programs in Leon and Surrounding Counties

The Holistic Cannabis Community, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your Sponsorship Contribution is entirely tax deductible. Please consider sponsoring the budding hemp programs established by THCCinTally, The Holistic Cannabis Communty, Inc.

  • Agriculture Sponsor $2,500 – Assist the organization to implement hemp farming plots both indoor and outdoor in the North Florida and the Panhandle. Hemp plots will be both for human consumption and industrial purposes.
  • Environmental Sponsor $5,000 – Hemp plants grown outdoor absorb 24 tons of carbon dioxide for every 2 acres sowed. In addition, hemp plants remediate the land pulling toxic substances from the air, water, and soil. With your sponsorship the organization will continue making positive impacts to deter climate change by utilization of organic and regenarative farming techniques, and research and development for pollution abatement and control.
  • Professional and Technical Sponsor $10,000 – Assist the organization to educate the public and THCC Members. The vision behind the Professional and Technical Resource Center is to ready the public for employment in the hemp industry.

Sponsorships will assist the organization to procure equipment and supplies, and for seasonal employment opportunities.

Your Sponsorship Contribution contributes to community and economic development and environmental sustainability in Florida. We Thank You in Advance!!

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