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At Lake Ella until 3pm

Buy One Get One Free Deals on North Florida Hemp Farms and New Green Hemp Products. Stop by for today only bargains. 229 Lake Ella Drive near American Legion Hall and Black Dog Cafe.

5/5 Cinco De Mayo at The Puff

Stop by 2504 W. Tennessee St. Until 6 PM. For fresh picked produce and Baked Smiles pastelitos, empanadas, yuca, maduros, and more. $6 Hot Blonde Pre-rolls. D8 Vape Carts $22, D8 7g Flower $26

April 12 At Lake Ella until 2pm

229 Lake Ella Drive by Black Dog Cafe stop by for fresh picked lettuces, cilantro, collards $6 Mix and Match and $7 Hot Blonde Prerolls (21% CBD, .3%THC)


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